About Us

  2024 - The Year Of The

     Sometimes a salad is NOT just a salad!

       T-SHIRT SALAD is a fun play on words. An online store with a hodgepodge of quirky t-shirt themes and designs. A salad if you will.

     T-SHIRT SALAD topping choices are "dog salad", "steak salad" or "weed salad".

     2024 is definitely the Year of the T-Shirt Salad! Where else can you collaboratively talk about dog poop, red meat and cannabis except at our salad shop? Our 'All You Can Eat' salad bar is always stocked with fresh, silly puns, wit and sarcasm. A trip to the salad bar will never be the same!

     How will you "dress" your salad today?! 😉 Tag us on Instagram